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Warhammer 40K’s latest variant has an even higher barrier to entry

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Arcs of Omen: AbaddonThe latest game book for Warhammer 40,000 does an exceptional job of advancing the franchise’s difficult story. The 88-page hardcover book went on pre-sale earlier this month, and is currently making its way to fans all over the world. Inside, you’ll also find rules for a brand new style of play, a game mode called Boarding Action. to like warhammer 40,000 kill team, it uses small, relatively economical sets of miniatures for extremely satisfying small-unit skirmishes. But it’s not exactly for newcomers. In fact, the way its rules are written makes it very clear just how high the barrier to entry is for this particular miniature war game.

To follow pages and pages of glorious sparkle, hellThe rules for boarding actions begin on page 50, and run less than 20 pages in their entirety. The remainder of the book is filled with pre-made maps and scenarios carefully tuned for a specific set of terrain – $210 Warhammer 40,000 Boarding Action Terrain Set,

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Warhammer 40,000 Boarding Action comes with a boxed set of rendered and fully painted terrain titles, consisting of two cardboard mats and a collection of plastic terrain modeled after the interior of an old spaceship.

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Image: Games Workshop

Of course, if you’re keeping pace with the release Kill Team – both Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: ShadowVaults ($185) and in the darkness ($210) – You already have the plastic components you need to get started. But unfortunately you don’t have game boards. team kill Uses a 30-inch-long-by-22-inch-wide board. Boarding Actions instead uses two 704-millimetre-long-by-607-millimetre-wide (approximately 27.7-inch x 23.9-inch) boards. They’re not sold separately, so you’ll have to make your own if you don’t want to buy the big box — or wait for aftermarket items from third-party sellers to go on sale. Or, I guess, just play without the board.

Boarding action rules refer to warhammer 40,000 core book, stating both generally and specifically about what rules you are allowed to use the latter. To be honest, it’s inconvenient, and it would require a lot of page-turning and adjudication on the table. core book Also expensive at $70.

eventually, you will as well The codex book is needed for your specific army. These $55 supplements include the rules for every specific unit of each faction in the universe — basically the character sheets you need to fire your weapons and use your special abilities in battle. And, if you’re playing a specific chapter of Space Marines — Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and swamp-going anything other than the standard Ultramarines — you’ll also need the appropriate Codex supplement, which will cost you $33.

A Dark Angel hovers over the fallen Chaos Marines with flaming sensors on his backpack.

Image: Games Workshop

This puts the total cost at retail for two players to enjoy the new boarding action game mode at between $390 and $423 – plus the cost of Arcs of Omen: AbaddonWhich comes in at $60… plus paint and miniatures.

There are lots of ways around this cost issue. You can pick up MDF walls and neoprene gaming mats relatively cheap. You can 3D print your own miniatures, or buy off-brand Minis to use as proxies. But rules are rules, and the game just won’t work without those books. So even if you want to break into the hobby, you’ll still need at least $185 worth of books for a single player.

So now we’re talking about an investment comparable to the Nintendo Switch, a nearly six-year-old console that continues to get high-quality games. so we have to take into account the lifetime Warhammer 40,000 as a platform. 2020 marks the formal start of the 9th edition with the launch of warhammer 40,000 indomitus Boxing Set. Looking at the pace at which the last three editions have been released, it means that we will be hit with the first teasers of the 10th edition launch later this year or early next year. This means that your $185 investment in hardcover rule books will, in all likelihood, only last for a few more years. Given how the company is pushing cross-compatibility between 8th and 9th editions, at least initially, this probably isn’t as bad as it seems to most players. Still, it should be part of the calculation when making a large purchase like this.

A page from White Dwarf showing a group of players huddled around a Virtual Kill Team map.

Photo: Charlie Hall / Play Gamez

However, there is a great way out of this money pit, and it is one that is being drawn up to great effect right now on the pages of White Dwarf magazine – Gaming Club. During a series of articles beginning in 2022, White Dwarf staffers are playing a five-person story game team kill on a single, shared set of terrain. Gaming clubs are common in England, but relatively rare here in the United States. The closest approximation is finding a group of like-minded players at your friendly local game store.

Of course, that same game store is also in the business of selling things. The situation puts US-based retailers already in a tough spot against big-box retailers and online giants like Amazon. While a thriving community of players will drive more traffic to a given store and sell lots of miniatures and books, it can also limit sales of high-end items for home play – things like Arcs of Omen: Abaddon book and warhammer 40,000 boarding actions Terrain Set – If a set is being shared by multiple players in the store.

This is a situation further complicated by the fact that Games Workshop encourages consumers to pre-order online on their website.

Arcs of Omen: AbaddonThe first in a five-book series, is shipping now from Games Workshop and should be available at friendly local game stores soon.

Arcs of Omen: Abaddon Available now. The book was previewed using a pre-release PDF document provided by Games Workshop. Vox Media is an affiliated partnership. These do not affect editorial content, although Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased through affiliate links. you can find Additional information about Play Gamez’s ethics policy here,

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