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Where Breath of the Wild left off with Impa, Purah, Robbie, Paya, and Master Kohga

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Brings back more than a few friendly faces. The sequel fast forwards after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and reintroduces many minor and major characters from the first game. While some characters like the dashing Prince Sidon are easy to remember, the game also brings back a good batch of lesser-known individuals. Keeping track of them all can be a lot – especially if you haven’t played the first game in a while – so we wrote a refresher. where is here breath of the wildThe story left off for each of these Zelda characters.

What happens to Link and Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

of World breath of the wild There is a cyclical history in which Ganon has arisen many times and the princess and her chosen heroes, along with the divine beasts, have arisen each time to defeat evil. Because of this, a kind of prehistory and legend is important to the setting of the story that unfolds in the game.

about 10,000 years before the events of breath of the wild, The people of Hyrule lived in an advanced society with nothing to fear. To counter the eventual rise of Calamity Ganon once again, the civilization created the Guardians and the Four Divine Beasts, weapons of ancient technology that could fight Ganon. Legend says that with the combined powers of a princess, a hero wielding a blade that banishes evil, and four divine beasts, the people of Hyrule were able to defeat Ganon 10,000 years ago.

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one hundred years before the events of breath of the wild, Zelda and Sheikah, members of a centuries-old culture that was once responsible for the ancient technology now found around Hyrule, attempt to do the same thing once again thanks to Ganon’s arrival. the way their forefathers had done – by grooming and guardianing divine animals. However, despite their efforts, Zelda and the others underestimate Ganon’s power and lose the battle. Shortly after this defeat, Zelda stayed at Hyrule Castle to contain Ganon’s full power, and two members of the Sheikah, Pura and Robbie, escorted Link back to the Shrine of Resurrection, where he slept for 100 years.

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Link stands in the doorway wearing nothing but his underwear, in which he slept 100 years prior to the events of Breath of the Wild.

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

at the beginning of breath of the wild, Link wakes up, but has lost his memory and has no recollection of what happened 100 years ago. However, following some guidance from Sheik Impa and the spirit of the last king of Hyrule, Roam Bosphormus, Link goes on a journey to tame four war machines known as the Celestial Beasts. One by one, Link travels to the four corners of Hyrule to reconnect with the souls of the warriors known as Champions from 100 years ago; He recruits them and the Celestial Beasts whom they pilot to battle against Ganon. As Link travels throughout Hyrule, he gradually regains the memories he lost during his 100-year sleep. At that point, he is able to retrieve the divine blade known as the Master Sword, which is intact and usable if he is strong enough to wield its power.

At the end of the game, Link, with the help of four Divine Beasts pilots, successfully defeats Ganon and rescues Zelda. the story of breath of the wild, and the story of Link and Zelda, the ancient legend retold in this upcoming game. There is no official Postgame or New Game Plus section breath of the wild Where we get additional information about what actually happens next. After you complete the story, the game will load back to the point just before Link fought Gannon. we all know, i’m going tears of the kingdomis that both Zelda and Link were alive and well at the end breath of the wild, It’s a happy ending – or so it seems.

What happened to the four champions in Breath of the Wild: Revali, Urbosa, Daruk and Meifa

Long story short, all four champions died in the events of 100 years before the story of breath of the wild, He and Zelda underestimate Ganon’s power, and the four warriors sacrifice their lives in battle. However, he continued to play an active role in breath of the wild, All four reappear as spirits, and Link learns their stories as he recovers his lost memories. Eventually, they succeed in their original mission – even in death – as their souls pilot each of the Celestial Beasts and defeat Ganon. His legacy lives on in the warriors who follow him, such as Prince Sidon, Teba, Yunobo and Makela Riju.

Impa, an old female crest, peeks out from under her large straw hat in Breath of the Wild

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo


Like Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, Impa is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series who appears in various forms in several games. In lore, Impa is a woman of the Shekha clan, a group that has served the royal line of Hyrule since Hyrule’s creation. In breath of the wild, we meet Impa long before the main quest in Kakariko Village. She is old – over 100 years old – and tells the history of the land to be linked. At that point, Link still has amnesia, so Impa confronts him about what happened during his sleep. She works for Link to tame the Celestial Beasts and assists Zelda in the final confrontation with Ganon. At the end of the game, she returns to her home safe and sound.


after making his first appearance in breath of the wildcontinues to play a central role in Pura’s story The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, He is one of the three remaining sheikhs who experienced the great disaster 100 years ago breath of the wild, Pura is Impa’s older sister and is arguably the most important researcher you will meet during Link’s adventures. He is the one who took Link to the Shrine of Resurrection and is also responsible for discovering the additional runes for the Sheikah Slate, the special tablet Link uses throughout breath of the wild,

Even though Pura is bigger than Impa, she doesn’t see it – at least, not inside Breath of the Wild In the original game, she mentions that she performed experiments on herself that made her look super young, like a child’s age. However, when we look inside tears of the kingdomShe appears to have aged a bit and now appears to be the same age as Zelda and Link.

Pura Hateno runs the Ancient Tech Lab, where she remains until the end of the first game. Unlike her younger sister, Pura is the energetic type who likes to be on the move. At the end of breath of the wildYou can find her working in her laboratory in Hateno, where she will complain about the lack of funds due to the dire situation in Hyrule and the royal family.

In the sequel, Pura continues her research, as she remains a leading scholar of ancient technology. Her new projects involve Zonai research, and she begins a major investigation into the wrath of the Gloom that plagues Hyrule. tears of the kingdom,

Robbie talking to Link inside his lab in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Play Gamez


Robbie is the third member of the Shekha who survived the great disaster that happened 100 years ago. breath of the wild, An associate of Purah, he runs the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in the Northeast Lands. He serves as the lead Guardian researcher and provides Link with vital gear to battle those pesky machines. In breath of the wildLink helps him restore the energy source in his laboratory and restores a machine called Cheri, which can exchange ancient Guardian parts for useful items. Like Purah and Impa, Robbie remains safe in his house until the end of the game. He continues to support Link and Zelda tears of the kingdomFrom his own lab, Hateno is moving to the Ancient Tech Lab, where he helps Pura develop the Pura Pad.


Impa’s granddaughter, Paya, takes over as head of the shekha. tears of the kingdom After her grandmother retired. Paya is part of Shekha’s younger generation and is one of the easier characters to miss breath of the wild, If you see her, she’s taking a walk around Kakariko Village or sweeping the floor at her grandmother’s house. At night, you can find her sitting at her desk, where she writes in her diary and prays to the gods. At the end of the game, she lives in Kakariko Village and probably has a secret crush on Link.

Link strafes around the battlefield with Master Kohga, who summons a large metal ball that falls back on him

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Play Gamez

Master Kohga

Master is the beer-belly leader of the Yiga clan in Kohaga. breath of the wild, In that game, the Yiga clan exists in opposition to the Sheikah, and its members continually hunt down Link throughout his travels. After successfully infiltrating the Yiga Clan’s hideout in the Gerudo Highlands, Link fights Master Kohga as a boss fight. Master Kohga’s story has a somewhat ambiguous ending; When you finish fighting him, he uses a mystical power that summons a giant metal ball to defeat Link. However, this backfires and rolls back on him, causing him to fall into the pit. As he collapses, Master Kohga tells Link that the Yiga clan will hunt him down to the end of Hyrule… and that’s the last we see of him. If you try to jump into the pit after the fight, Link will black out and jump back over the edge of the pit again.

[Ed. note: The rest of this article contains minor spoilers for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.]

Master Kohga actually reappears tears of the kingdom, You can encounter him while exploring the underground area known as the Depths, where he challenges Link to a fight. He is upset that Link has gained the power to auto-build machines, while the members of the Yiga clan must work hard to build their own mechanisms. After you defeat Master Kohga, he escapes again and escapes to another location where supposedly a useful technology is waiting for him.


Josha is a new addition to the circle of elite Sheikha researchers and does not appear to breath of the wild, She is young but has already established herself as an authority in her field by researching in depth. Link first meets her at Lookout Landing, where she works with Pura. Although she is eager to work with such a renowned mind at Pura, she is also irritated when she is humiliated by other researchers. An avid cave explorer, Josha later also helps Link investigate Zelda’s disappearance.

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