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Where to buy Legend of Zelda amiibo in time for Tears of the Kingdom

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legend of Zelda Amiibo are the hardest to find. But it’s possible Nintendo could restock several Zelda-themed figures ahead of their May 12 launch The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for Nintendo Switch. speckled like By Amiibo News, big-box retailers like Best Buy have started adding placeholders for some Amiibo figures.

like in breath of the wildamiibo play a role in the upcoming tears of the kingdom, Nintendo has confirmed that tapping the Zelda-themed amiibo on your Switch will transform into Link’s paraglider, with a different design depending on the figure. The game’s site confirms that you can get other in-game items as well.

Nintendo hasn’t confirmed whether every Zelda amiibo (there’s a Very of them) will get cosmetic upgrades for the Glider, or if only a few can. So, for now, we’re focused on helping you buy the things Nintendo has promised they can deliver. tears of the kingdom integration. If you’re willing to pay any price to get them, we’re including links to retailers that have stock available, along with the costlier options.

Link (Majora’s Mask) Amiibo

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Best Buy currently lists this amiibo as “coming soon” with a release date of May 12th – the same day that tears of the kingdom Will be released in the United States. It is currently not available for pre-order. However, it’s available on Amazon for three times the normal price, if you don’t want to wait.

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Link glides in the Tears of the Kingdom using Majora's Mask-inspired glider.  Young Link's amiibo from Majora's Mask is in the lower corner

Image: Nintendo

Link (Tears of the Kingdom) Amiibo

The figure is listed as “coming soon,” as well as a May 12 release date at Best Buy. It’ll be $15.99, and while it’s not yet available for pre-order at Best Buy, you can pre-order it at GameStop and Target.

Link glides over a chasm in the Kingdom's Tears using a blue and gray patterned glider.  The Tears of the Kingdom Link amiibo is shown in the bottom corner.

Image: Nintendo

Zelda and Loftwing (Skyward Sword) Amiibo

This $24.99 amiibo is readily available at Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon, so you can grab it now.

Link glides in tears of the kingdom with a white and blue glider inspired by Skyward Sword.

Image: Nintendo

Link: Rider (Breath of the Wild) Amiibo

This amiibo is not in stock at major US retailers, at least for its normal retail price. However, Amazon has it in stock for around $36.

Link glides across the Tiers of the Kingdom using a glider inspired by the hood worn in Breath of the Wild.

Image: Nintendo

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