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World of Warcraft fans have created their own cyberpunk utopia

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one of the most beautiful parts about world of Warcraft In this way the game is continuously expanding. Throughout history, new continents regularly appear out of the mist, emerging on the map and becoming hotbeds of adventure. It gives players the feeling that virtually anything is possible; It has no boundaries, because if entire continents can emerge out of nowhere, then anything can happen.

This is especially true with building fan tools like the Epsilon. instead of giving fans a new way to play world of Warcraft, Epsilon gives fans access to many of the MMO’s assets, character models, and environments, so they can create their own worlds. While some fans prefer to build on Star Wars or an entirely original premise, others prefer to expand on Azeroth’s existing lore. caleb, a world of Warcraft Fan-starring Gnome Kitchee Goldwatt has spent nearly two years lovingly building a cyberpunk city that’s unlike anything else out there. warcraft, His city is a haven of sorts for dwarves and goblins, two races that aren’t as popular among fans.

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A screenshot of a Fission Heights custom instance on Epsilon, the World of Warcraft client used for role-playing.

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Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Kitchee Goldwatt

Fission Heights is an environment for a detailed role-playing campaign. The concept behind the city is that it once served as a giant ghost power plant, and over time, an entire successful city grew around that industrial center. In a call with Play Gamez, Caleb said, “Something I really wanted to create was a complete urban sprawl, with buildings that you could actually go inside with complete interiors.” “I have had a lot of help from friends to find out what kind of stores are there in the city. What kind of places are people shopping in the cyberpunk world?”

These options help add a lot of variety to Fission Heights. Pandaren run a Hibachi Grill restaurant, there’s a tattoo parlor, and lots of shady little shops where one can bargain on banned items. It would be almost idyllic, if it weren’t for the fact that the undead screech hangs at the gates.

“I – along with many others who are part of the project – share the point of view Very goodCaleb said, “While charming in parts, the lack of depth makes these ghosts really muddled.” “When you think Very goodYou fools, you think about greed and destruction of the environment. We wanted to move away from the identity that Blizzard has imposed on Ghosts and figure out a way to tell a story with Ghosts as empathetic, deeply personal people with aspirations beyond making money.

World of Warcraft Ghost Town created with the fan client Epsilon.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Kitchee Goldwatt

Fission Heights is a haunting attempt at a utopia where everyone is welcome to build something big. Obviously, this is not a perfect solution, and one of the main thrusts of the Epsilon phase that includes Fission Heights is that players must face opponents inside the city while protecting them from threats outside the city walls.

The player spawns in a subway station; Naturally, they have just arrived, and are out on the crowded main street. Stage rules and things will be out of character for players who want to pay attention to local etiquette, but Fishan Heights is designed to play like one giant story-based RPG. After about a month of players exploring the city, the first campaign will begin, called Lockdown City. With the threat too great to ignore, city leaders quarantine everyone in a district in hopes of saving the rest of their settlement.

It’s also a pretty cool city to keep, with about 30,000 different objects pulled from the base game and rearranged into a goblin game. cyberpunk 2077Night City. “There’s no other platform that can handle as much weight as the Epsilon,” says Caleb. “One of the great things about this project is accepting that I can wake up tomorrow and go to Epsilon. It’s an uncertainty I’ve learned to live with and appreciate. I live more thoroughly now, and how can I help people enjoy sports a little more.

Screenshot of Fishan Heights, a busy goblin city created in the World of Warcraft fan client Epsilon.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Kitchee Goldwatt

it’s not typical of you world of Warcraft experience, and it requires freedom world of WarcraftThe principle of telling the best possible story. (producers of the stage “Try as much as possible [they] The city’s history can be held to be canon. world of Warcraftsaid Caleb.) The campaign trail begins battle for azerothK’s Mecagon Zone, and the nefarious Frillzone Corporation have sunk their claws deep into Fission Heights as the new technological filter on the world.

Players can apply to play in this Epsilon stage on Fission Heights Discord. While all races of Azeroth are welcome, the majority of applicants are goblins and dwarves – two races that haven’t received as much love from Blizzard as the Orcs and Elves. It’s interesting to see fans come together to give an alternate take on a so beloved world.

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