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Yazeba’s Online, an unconventional tabletop RPG and the digital playground of your dreams

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It’s been four years since the Possum Creek Games (wanderhome) hit the match to be made Yazeba’s Bed and Breakfast, an innovative, rule-breaking, fun tabletop role-playing game that is undoubtedly the first of its kind. An online iteration of the game was released in March, Yazeba’s Online, This version, which also includes the official release of the original yazeba’s The book, in PDF form, combines the novel virtual tabletop features of One More Multiverse, the point-and-click adventure secret of monkey islandand freedom of terraforming and design Animal Crossing: New Horizons In a fantastic online adventure. It’s a lot to pack into one game, but the end result is an engaging, honest playground for your digital escapades.

Corner yazeba’s The experience promises a slice-of-life fantasy with themes of family and community care found in Queer, told through novel and innovative game mechanics around the table. The game, which takes place in a magical bed and breakfast run by a heartless witch, is played entirely with pre-generated characters. These characters include long-term residents of the Titanic B&B as well as guests who are just passing through. This lets new players jump straight into playing without needing to be led through character creation and customization.

Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as so-called journeys to base their role-play on. Journeys are personal processes of self-discovery and growth; When a character’s journey is complete, players choose a new journey to focus on. The play is divided into short chapters, which are stand-alone vignettes featuring specific characters. The chapters can be played in any order, and take 60–90 minutes to play. Some chapters and characters are locked and need to be unlocked over time, giving the game a “must catch ’em all” vibe.

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Physical play uses a number of different resources depending on which chapter is being played; Coins, tokens, and a deck of playing cards also add to the tactile nature of the experience. Unspent resources can be used at the end of a chapter to further a character’s own personal journey of self-discovery, or to unlock locked content for the entire group. Players can switch around who plays which character, play and replay the same chapters, and collect new ways to play. physical version of yazeba’s Also comes with an envelope of stickers called Memento. The book is filled with empty shelves, and when prompted, players pick up a memento sticker from the envelope and place it on a shelf; Filling a shelf usually unlocks a new chapter or character, and when something is unlocked, a key sticker is placed above the lock on its corresponding page.

you play yazeba’s Changing it: Crossing off items on lists, filling shelves, decorating page margins, and adding signs and doodles to character sheets. No two groups will play the same game, which means yazeba’s really want to play with you.

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In Yazeba’s OnlineResidents are represented as sprites, and the player controls them with the mouse and keyboard, moving in and out of the B&B’s many settings. You can spend hours picking up and putting down any object (or, if you’re like me, every) in sight, and inspecting them to reveal tasteful text and witty jokes.

A 2D render of the inside of a portion of Yazeba's B&B, showing a tub and a pantry full of paper products.

Every interactive item in the game gives you a little bit of information about the character it belongs to.
Image: One More Multiverse via Keerthi Sreedharan

Pick a chapter and the game will teleport you to the room where it takes place: tackle a veritable mountain of clothes in the laundry room in Chapter 3: Wash the Cycle, or try your luck at the watering hole in Chapter 21: Fishin’ Gone . These settings make the chapters more real, and there can be secrets hidden in plain sight, waiting to be discovered. (There may or may not be three new locked characters exclusive to the online version.) The experience is made more immersive by the synthetic vibes of the game’s original music, composed by Jordan Hartsfield of Naked Lake. Is composed and suits everyone’s mood. given chapters – terrifying, intense, or frantic, among others.

ins and outs Yazeba’s Online are a breeze to pick up; Playing tutorials show players how to navigate the One More Multiverse interface, modify and add character sheets, and interact with the world around them.

The game’s sticker pad explains the rules for each chapter, along with dispensers for tokens and other resources, and mementos you can place on in-game shelves like trophies. Like every other part of the interface, the sticker pad section is collapsible, so you can open it when you need it and remove it when you don’t.

The game’s built-in housekeeping mechanic streamlines the process of finishing a chapter, directing players to organize any collected mementos, view newly unlocked content, and improve character sheets, doodle or add notes .

A night scene with the cellar of the Yezba rendered in purple and black.  Sketches outline objects outside the player character's cone of light.

Accessibility and security are still at the forefront in this online version with OMM’s standard Safety Tools mechanic, which lets you anonymously alert fellow players to moments of discomfort.
Image: One More Multiverse via Keerthi Sreedharan

The game’s gorgeous pixel art isn’t just a backdrop: it’s the ultimate digital playground, an infinite sheet of digital butcher paper that players can use to expand the B&B’s environment. Players can alter the inside of the B&B with tiles, furniture, and a pen tool, with no areas off-limits. another multiverse The spell also pulls in additional assets from animations, soundtracks, and other systems and settings in the rapidly growing catalog of bespoke digital games, which you can use to modify the B&B as you please. You can also rotate, scale and dress up your characters. And yes, that means you can play an entire chapter in reverse and three times as big as everyone else – like I did.

a table set with gifts, and a paper happy birthday sign in the background

Gertrude’s party setup in Chapter 1: Gertrude’s Birthday, complete with balloons, bunting, and a carpet made from real grass tiles.
Image: One More Multiverse via Keerthi Sreedharan

Collection of Polaroid images, placed in one window of the user interface.  A garden plot and a deck next to a pond are visible in the background.

Gertrude’s Polaroid Collection.
Image: One More Multiverse via Keerthi Sreedharan

My favorite part is the Polaroid feature: players can take pictures of their onscreen shenanigans and draw them in character journals, captioning and doodling over them as they please.

The online platform is also infinitely customizable, and you can use it to suit your needs. You can drive your character around the B&B as you describe their interactions with the other residents and guests, but if you want to stick to theater of the mind, you can just use Yazeba’s Online Map-As an optional virtual tabletop, keep track of character progress, checklists and resources such as coins and tokens using the interface as you play. Each character’s journal has ample room for doodles and notes, and chapter rules can be ripped out of sticker pads and placed directly in a room for easy viewing. For more comprehensive material for reference, Yazeba’s Online Comes with PDF of the original book.

A series of windows showing important text for the adventure.  Hey Kid is banging under them.

using the Yazeba’s Online As VTT for Chapter 5: Another Rainy Day… Hey Kid may or may not explode.
Image: One More Multiverse via Keerthi Sreedharan

yazeba’s It takes everything you love about games, role-playing, and getting silly with your friends, and serves it to you on a platter full of kitschy, nostalgia. everything about Yazeba’s Online Pushes the lesson to the heart of the original game: Home is what you make it. Use it to play through chapters like a video game, keep all your coins and tokens in one place, or just have it open in the background and let the bed and breakfast atmosphere take over you as you play over voice chat. yazeba’s You have oysters.

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