Ghostwire: Tokyo has up to 10 graphics modes – so which is best?

Ghostwire: Tokyo sees acclaimed Japanese developer Tango Gameworks striking out in new directions. For one, it’s an actual next-gen/current-gen exclusive

Secondly, the developer has shifted away from its internal STEM engine, based on idTech, instead favouring Unreal Engine 4.

While there are six ‘official’ graphics modes to choose from, there are actually an unofficial ten in total.

The core design itself which sees the surprisingly evocative and detailed world Tango Gameworks has created

it’s a first-person game with much to commend it in terms of its game mechanics – and I loved its first-person animations, enhanced with superb motion blur.

It is built around a rain-soaked cityscape that is tailor-made for hardware RT reflections – and that’s exactly what you get in the game’s quality mode

Hardware RT is also deployed on shadows too, but very selectively: some objects use RT, others do not.

Generally, it’s the same on PC, where the same choice of hardware RT effects is in place, albeit at a higher precision. In this sense, PS5 is ‘lower than low’ in terms of quality presets

PS5 gets a lower precision effect, presumably in the service of improved performance.

I talked earlier about the six (!) different rendering modes, which actually result in ten different options to choose from once 60Hz and 120Hz display options are factored in

Ghostwire: Tokyo has quality and performance modes, along with HFR (high frame-rate) variants.

These extra options are designed for 120Hz screens, but here’s where the other four ‘unofficial’ modes kick in

you can turn off 120Hz support on the PS5 dashboard and force the console to run HFR capped at 60fps instead.

Let’s break down these modes in more detail. It starts with the 60Hz quality mode, which runs at 30fps and delivers the highest resolution along with hardware RT effects.

Pixel-counting on this game is challenging to say the least owing to the heavy post-processing

Next up is the 60Hz performance mode. Again, pixel-counting is challenging but results a static resolution in 1440p area

In summary, there’s much to commend Ghostwire: Tokyo – but I do feel more work needs to be done.


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