Masterchief And Doomguy Duke it Out In God Of War

Following Kratos’ short-lived debut on the Microsoft store, Master Chief has arrived on Sony’s territory to exact revenge.

And he hasn’t come alone. Doomguy has also joined the fray, just to beat up Master Chief.

God of Console War footage was posted last week on YouTube by modder MarcosRC, with Master Chief replacing Kratos and Doomguy taking over for Baldur.

There’s something poetic about a Sony exclusive knock-off being sold on Xbox platforms, only to get removed, then a Microsoft exclusive being added to said Sony game

MarcosRC has previously modded God of War with other character swap I don’t think they were intentionally looking to create a continuation of the story of War Gods Zeus of Child

You can watch MarcosRC’s other God of War mods on their YouTube channel, including a showdown between Master Chief and Kratos. Or uh, Shrek.


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