Rogue Legacy 2 best class choice and how to unlock classes explained

Choosing between Rogue Legacy 2 classes can be a bit overwhelming with so many options available.

Playing a certain class requires you to unlock it with gold coins first. Even then you can’t just pick the same character for every run

As you only get three random classes pulled from what you have unlocked.

You’re not always guaranteed to get a certain one, but this guide will cover the best classes in Rogue Legacy 2 for both general gameplay and boss fights.

How important are classes in Rogue Legacy 2?

As the game follows a roguelite formula, you get to pick a class at the beginning of each run. However, only three randomised options from your unlocked classes are available.

Visiting the Blacksmith and Enchantress to get better weapons, armour, and passive abilities is also recommended for extending and making the most of each run.

How to unlock all classes in Rogue Legacy 2

To unlock a class, you must spend gold coins, but you must also reach a certain Manor level. The Ronin, for example, costs 2250 gold coins, and your Manor must be at level 48 or higher

Best classes in Rogue Legacy 2

While most classes have their uses in certain situations, we recommend the Chef, Duelist, Valkyrie and Ronin as the best class in Rogue Legacy 2


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