What do you do with Golden Runes and other Elden Ring items

If you have been picking up items in Elden Ring and leaving them to languish in your inventory. Maybe that’s because you forgot you had them

Or maybe you just dont know how to use them

I’ve learned a lot from my mates about these weird and under-explained items found around the world in Elden Ring.

So today I'm gonna explain 7 items that you afraid to ask about

1: What are Golden Runes? It’s actually a consumable item that gives you different amounts of runes once you click the “use” button on it in your inventory. It is a nice way to level up fast

2: What are Ruin Fragments? Ruin Fragments aren’t runes at all. These are basically rocks that you find around Elden Ring, which are necessary in crafting certain stone-related items

3: What do you use Rainbow Stones or Glowstones for? For one, you can throw them at enemies. You can also use them to light up Elden Ring’s dark spaces, of which there are many.

4: Are Rowa Raisins useful? Rowa Raisins are there for your ride-on pal Torrent. Torrent, like you, takes damage. You can feed your buddy Torrent while you’re riding him.

5: What’s a Stonesword Key? How many do I need? You can use them to open stone gargoyle statues. Some statues need two keys to open, and some need only one

6: What do Scarabs do? Scarabs are big beetles in Elden Ring. You can fight these, and they’ll drop items usually spells or Ashes of War.

7: What’s Glovewort? Glovewort is an item that will be useful at Roderika's shop at the Roundtable Hold. You can trade her Glovewort in exchange for leveling up your summons

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